Diabetologist Network

Diabetologist is a doctor who specializes in treating people with diabetes. The diabetologist in charge of patient care has to command clinical skills going far beyond the still too common attitude of glucose-centrism. To serve his patients well, the modern physician diabetologist has to be more of an internist than just a blood glucose-centred diabetologist. The diabetologist scientist is confronted with similarly formidable expectations. He has to be knowledgeable both in Internal Medicine or Pediatrics and in Clinical Pharmacology.

Diabetes refers to a group of complex diseases whose study requires institutions to provide close interaction of clinical and basic sciences, as well as expert training to diabetologists. Diabetologists must have a keen interest in diabetes as well as in a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. To better meet the needs of patients suffering from diabetes, the physician diabetologists, clinical investigators and basic scientists work hard to achieve this. Also encourage all investigators active in diabetes research to continue submitting their best work.

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